Friday, February 28, 2014

A Great Cal Ripken Jr. Card in the Next Group Break Pack!

Today's a great day because:
A)  It's Friday and Fridays are nice.
B)  Next week is spring break where I work so I won't have to drive the hour to (and from) work each day.

Today is not-so-great because:
A)  They are calling for more snow this weekend and I hate winter (especially this year)
B)  I really need to get an oil change for my car (and I hate waiting around for that to happen)

I think the good outweighs the bad, how about you?

Here's more good news - more group break packs are about to be busted!  We have only three jumbo packs remaining in the 2001 Stadium Club box.  Time to open pack #10 out of the box!

Pack 10:
3.  Jeff Bagwell - Astros
This one has a big divot/scratch on the back of the card (sorry Bru but that's how it came from the pack).  The front of the card is nice (even though I didn't scan it).
55.  Cal Ripken - Orioles

Now this is how you make a great looking baseball card!  Sheer awesomeness!
69.  Craig Biggio - Astros
88.  Luis Gonzalez - Diamondbacks
90.  Brian Giles - Pirates
105.  Jeff Cirillo - Rockies
125.  Ken Griffey Jr. - Reds
145.  Frank Thomas - White Sox
149.  Pedro Martinez - Red Sox
151.  Adrian Gonzalez - Marlins
154.  Mike Stodolka - Royals
165.  Grady Sizemore - Expos
171.  Corey Patterson - Cubs
176.  Milton Bradley - Expos
179.  Ryan Anderson - Mariners
183.  Josh Hamilton - Rays

This is a group bunch of boxes for a group break if you want Hamilton rookies!
194.  Mike Jacobs - Mets
CA13.  Capture the Action:  Vladimir Guerrero - Expos

A nice card of Vlad (and the image does capture a bit of action which is good)!


CaptKirk42 said...

WOW NOW that is an ACTION Card! A flying Ripken! Cal "Iron-Man" Ripken strikes again. I've lost track of how many O's there are but I do KNOW there are 2 Ripkens. Saweeet! Thank you Chris My Weekend has just been made.

Oh and I agree with you about the snow and oil changes and car stuff. I was going to rant about recent car repairs but it was too long.

Mark Hoyle said...

My not so great list is the exact same as yours

roddster said...

Josh Hamilton cards on the Rays never get old to me. I love seeing that guy in the wacky rainbow colors the Rays... I mean Devil Rays used to sport. Also like that Guerrero, nice card.

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