Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Busting Another Box Open: 1995 Flair!

Over the past day or so, I've dipped into the Topps Tek box and the Topps Stadium Club Chrome box.  Now, let's continue the group break by opening up our third (of five) boxes:  1995 Flair.

When I first opened the box, I was surprised to see a bunch of "mini boxes" staring back at me.  It turns out that each "pack" of Flair is actually small, individually plastic wrapped box of sorts.  Kind of cool I guess, though a total nightmare for the environment!

Inside each of those plastic wrapped mini boxes?  Yet another plastic wrapped stack of cards!

Pack 01:
138.  Jeremy Hernandez - Marlins

145.  Tony Eusebio - Astros
159.  Todd Worrell - Dodgers
193.  Jose Oquendo - Cardinals
194.  Tom Pagnozzi - Cardinals
208.  Royce Clayton - Giants
211.  Kevin Rogers - Giants
212.  William VanLandingham - Giants
3 of 10:  Outfield Power:  Barry Bonds - Giants

Woah, what a pack for the Giants!  I'm hoping jmkoenig is happy with this one - four of the nine cards belong to San Francisco, including a nice Barry Bonds insert.

Pack 02:
1.  Brady Anderson - Orioles

16.  Chad Curtis - Angels
25.  Ozzie Guillen - White Sox

43.  David Cone - Royals
59.  Pat Mahomes - Twins
63.  Wade Boggs - Yankees
71.  Scott Brosius - Athletics
73.  Brent Gates - Athletics
79.  Mike Blowers - Mariners

I find it interesting that the first pack was comprised solely of National League teams while the second pack was only American League teams.  I wonder if that was coincidence (notice the numbering, AL teams come first in the set) or if that's how each pack will be?  I guess we'll find out in due time!


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