Monday, February 03, 2014

Did I Just Jinx Myself?!

It's time to start the second half of the 1998 Fleer Tradition (Series 2) box.  The first half of the box was excellent - plenty of cool photos, a couple of inserts (including one that I really liked which I pulled last night), and only six duplicates.

Will the second half of the box live up to the high bar set by the first half*?  Let's find out!

*Note:  I wrote the intro to the post before opening either pack.  Unfortunately, as you'll soon see, I ended up pulling 14 duplicates between the two packs.  Taking out the two Vintage '63s (which were both new to me), I ended up with exactly four new base cards for my set.  Ouch.  

Pack 19:
412.  Mike Stanley
409.  Sean Casey
413.  Tom Gordon
456.  Geronimo Berroa
466.  Brian Jordan
487.  Cliff Floyd
496.  Randy Myers
521.  Gary Sheffield

Best photograph in this pack goes to Sheffield.  I like the dugout shots - something I think I mentioned a few times when I opened up my Collector's Choice box as well.
545.  Pat Meares
Vintage '63:  64.  Darin Erstad

Why aren't there more Angels collectors out there?  You'd think at least one Dodgers collector would give up on the Dodgers and switch over to the "other" Los Angeles team.
Diamond Ink point (1 point):  Scott Rolen

Pack 20:
354.  Darin Erstad
365.  Marquis Grissom
401.  Jose Vizcaino

A nice "turning two" card.
430.  Rickey Henderson

Sometimes a card can go from "solid photo" to "awesome photo" if you take a look at things occurring in the background.  In Henderson's case, there's an image of a cartoon car that almost looks like it's going to devour Rickey...look at the eyes on that car.  Funny stuff - and it makes for a great, unique card!
437.  Tim Raines
460.  Darren Dreifort
513.  Rich Butler
543.  Shawon Dunston
568.  Miguel Cairo
Vintage '63:  125.  Jose Canseco
Diamond Ink point (1 point):  Jay Buhner

As my note says at the top of this post, these two packs were brutal in terms of completing the set.  Only four new base cards...and the 14 duplicates now boost my total number of doubles in the box up to 20.  I was doing so well in the first half of the box!


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