Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Fast and Furious with the Inserts! (So Many Rockies)

I teased a possible group break this morning...and I'll tease it one more time tonight!  Save your money - a new Nachos Grande group break is fast approaching (with variable team pricing).  More details to come as soon as all boxes are in hand - but it is safe to say that I expect this one will sell out quickly.

Now, we return you to your regularly scheduled post...more 1998 Fleer Tradition cards!

Pack 23:
391.  Mike Piazza
406.  Armando Benitez

How many cards do you see with a pitcher taking fielding practice out at second base (or maybe at the shortstop position)?
407.  Joe Randa
411.  Trey Moore
463.  Derek Lowe
489.  Jim Leyritz
511.  Joe Carter
569.  Shane Reynolds
Vintage '63:  88.  Kenny Lofton - Indians
Promising Forecast:  6 of 20 PF.  Todd Helton - Rockies

My second (of three hopefully) Promised Forecast cards.  This one is a LOT better than the Eric Milton - but both are cool since they feature Doppler radar in the background.  Of course, Fleer would have had an even better insert on their hands if they had matched the weather background with the player's home state.  It's a little thing but it would have made a world of difference.  Even so, I greatly enjoy the theme of this set!
Diamond Ink points (5 points):  Tony Womack

Pack 24:
364.  Kevin Brown
370.  Kenny Rogers
393.  Mike Hampton
438.  Chris Hoiles
457.  Jose Silva
458.  Bobby Bonilla
515.  Travis Lee
570.  Roberto Kelly
Vintage '63:  97.  Mike Piazza - Mets
In the Clutch:  15 of 15 IC.  Larry Walker - Rockies

I guess this was the Rockies' portion of the box - two packs, two Rockies inserts.  Why couldn't I have that sort of luck with the Reds instead?  No matter, this is still a pretty nice card (though I don't the In the Clutch cards as much as the Promising Forecast cards despite the fact that the In the Clutch as seeded 1:20 as compared to 1:12 for Promising Forecast).  This is my second In the Clutch insert though which means I lucked out slightly against the odds (since the box has 36 packs rather than 40 which would guarantee two such inserts in a box).
Diamond Ink points (1 point):  Scott Rolen

Another pair of solid packs.  Only three duplicates this time (including the Armando Benitez that I scanned above).


P-town Tom said...

I'm not intentionally trying to be crass, but it sure looks like Todd Helton lit one of his farts on fire.

See what you did to me? You last post started it all with Rod Beck...

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