Monday, February 24, 2014

Flair 1995: Some More Group Break Packs!

We've been flying through the group break - and with any luck we will finish it by the end of the week so that I can spend my spring break (in part) packing up and shipping everyone's cards!  The only way to get to that point though is to get through all the remaining let's pick up where we left off in the 1995 Flair box, shall we?

Pack 17:
103.  John Smoltz - Braves

117.  Steve Trachsel - Cubs
133.  Bruce Ruffin - Rockies
148.  Darryl Kile - Astros
156.  Rudy Seanez - Dodgers
157.  Ismael Valdes - Dodgers
166.  Tim Scott - Expos
189.  Don Slaught - Pirates

191.  Rene Arocha - Cardinals

I can't say that pack was overly inspiring.  I think this particular Flair set is quite nice in small numbers...but opening a box of it it gets kind of dull (in the way that shiny cards can somehow become dull as you open a bunch of 'em at once).  I much prefer Tek, Gallery, or either Stadium Club or Stadium Club Chrome as compared to this set.  However, that's the beauty of group breaks like this - you get to sample a bunch of stuff (and I'm guessing some of you will find this set to be your favorite of the five)!

Pack 18:
106.  Fred McGriff - Braves
115.  Karl Rhodes - Cubs
124.  Reggie Sanders - Reds
131.  Mike Munoz - Rockies

I never heard of Munoz...but that might be because he was too busy smacking himself in the mouth with his glove.  Or maybe that was just poor Photoshopping by Fleer...either way.
154.  Raul Mondesi - Dodgers
164.  Pedro Martinez - Expos

A nice card for Jaybarkerfan who claimed the Expos in the break.  Very nice indeed.
180.  Tommy Greene - Phillies
181.  Tony Longmire - Phillies
202.  Trevor Hoffman - Padres

At least the second pack was quite a bit better than the first - I think the Pedro card takes the top honors for this post.


CaptKirk42 said...

Sigh another couple of NL packs. NO O's Cool looking Pedro Martinez though. Wow the Dodgers did pretty well in those packs.

TTG said...

I like how every player pictured is mustaching around.

Mark Hoyle said...

Love the pedro

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