Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Grit & Hustle: Topps Gallery

The group break is finally winding down.  We've completed one box (the Topps Stadium Club Chrome box) and a few others are down to their final packs.  However, one box still has quite a few packs remaining - so let's get to it!  Here's a couple more Topps Gallery packs.

Pack 09:
11.  Vladimir Guerrero - Expos
35.  Eric Karros - Dodgers
56.  Matt Williams - Diamondbacks
59.  Vinny Castilla - Rockies

This is most definitely not the best photo that I've ever seen.  It is, however, one of the more confusing photos ever to grace a baseball card.  What exactly is Castilla doing?  Hitting off a tee?  On a tarp?  In front of a railing?  Is the ball suspended from that blue pole?  Why you would swing that close to a metal bar?  Why does he have batting gloves on but no helmet?  Is that a wind breaker?  Why so dark?  
75.  Brian Jordan - Braves
84.  Danre Bichette -Rockies
131.  Jorge Toca - Mets

Pack 10:
48.  Mo Vaughn - Angels
51.  Edgar Martinez - Mariners
76.  Craig Biggio - Astros

This is my favorite card out of the two packs in this post.  Biggio went all out (as he was known to do)...wonder if he was actually safe?
94.  Ugueth Urbina - Expos
132.  Masao Kida - Tigers
TH5.  Topps Heritage:  Travis Lee - Diamondbacks

The Topps Heritage cards are seeded 1:12 packs so this is a nice little hit for Tony L. who has the Diamondbacks in the break.  Unfortunately, the card is printed on shiny stock so it doesn't really "feel" like a Heritage card despite looking like one.


Tony L. said...

Bonus points for Travis Lee's cheesy grin on the portrait that Topps had painted for him.

Bru said...

Oh, that's just a beautiful Biggio. Can't wait to hold it in my hands.

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