Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hitting the Remaining Group Break Boxes Hard - Three Packs from Two Different Boxes!

My goal is to finish off the group break and have everything packed up and mailed out before my spring break is over.  That gives me less than two weeks from now...so time is of the essence!  Here's more group break packs - this time from 1995 Flair.

1995 Flair:
Pack 19:
8.  Arthur Rhodes - Orioles

The Orioles have been fairly quiet throughout most of this break (much to CaptKirk42's dismay).  Maybe this is a sign that things will turn around a bit for Baltimore in the final few packs?
24.  Jason Bere - White Sox
36.  Paul Sorrento - Indians
58.  Scott Leius - Twins
70.  John Briscoe - Athletics
72.  Ron Darling - Athletics
78.  Bobby Ayala - Mariners
101.  Woody Williams - Blue Jays
214.  Checklist

Pack 20:
118.  Eddie Zambrano - Cubs
139.  Charles Johnson - Marlins
145.  Tony Eusebio - Astros
173.  Jim Lindeman - Mets
186.  Ravelo Manzanillo - Pirates
195.  Ozzie Smith - Cardinals
209.  Darren Lewis - Giants
213.  Matt Williams - Giants
9 of 10:  Outfield Power:  Gary Sheffield - Marlins

Other than the Sheffield insert, I feel like we've had this EXACT same pack two times already.  I don't have the Flair cards sorted yet...but it sure feels like I've typed the names "Manzanillo" and "Eusebio" at least twice prior to this pack.  

We can't end on that note - so here's a bonus.  More group break packs!

Since the last pack of Flair was a bit of a bust, I figured we should head over to another box.  How about Stadium Club?

Pack 07:
2.  Chipper Jones - Braves
9.  Chris Singleton - White Sox
30.  Derek Jeter - Yankees

A nice looking Jeter card!  Even I can admit that.
33.  Aaron Boone - Reds
63.  Jeff Kent - Giants
68.  Brian Jordan - Braves
94.  Rafael Furcal - Braves
98.  Fred McGriff - Rays
126.  Mike Sweeney - Royals
130.  Matt Williams - Diamondbacks
138.  Kevin Young - Pirates
162.  Matt Wheatland - Tigers
166.  Brian Sellier - Blue Jays
174.  Mike Glendenning - Giants
177.  Bobby Bradley - Pirates
178.  Jason Hart - Athletics
181.  Adam Everett - Astros
CA10.  Capture the Action:  Nomar Garciaparra - Red Sox

A nice card for Boston - and a much better pack to end the evening with!  More group break packs tomorrow...stay tuned!


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Haven't seen a sox card in a few packs.

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