Thursday, February 13, 2014

More Flair!

First, a reminder that tomorrow is Valentine's Day and if you haven't gotten your special someone something special, you probably should stop reading about baseball cards and go do that.  You'll thank me tomorrow.

Now that you are back, let's take a look at some more baseball cards - 1995 Flair from the third (of five) group break boxes.  Will we find our first Expos/Nationals card?  After all, that's the only team without at least one card.

Pack 03:
118.  Eddie Zambrano - Cubs
139.  Charles Johnson - Marlins
146.  Luis Gonzalez - Astros
173.  Jim Lindeman - Mets

186.  Ravelo Manzanillo - Pirates
195.  Ozzie Smith - Cardinals
209.  Darren Lewis - Giants
213.  Matt Williams - Giants
2 of 10.  Outfield Power:  Dante Bichette - Rockies

A nice insert for the Rockies - a team that doesn't often get a lot of love in the 'ol insert department.  I hope this is a new one for Cards from the Quarry since that's who claimed Colorado.

Pack 04:
104.  Javier Lopez - Braves
113.  Derrick May - Cubs
121.  Hal Morris - Reds
This is the Reds' first base card of the break (I did pull a Reds' insert earlier in a different box however).
123.  Vinny Castilla - Rockies
129.  Marvin Freeman - Rockies
152.  Rafael Bournigal - Dodgers
162.  Gil Heredia - Expos

And there it is - the final two teams without a base card now have one - and this Heredia is actually the Nationals/Expos first card of the break.  That in itself is worthy of a scan.  Also, how often do you see a Gil Heredia card on the blogs anyhow?
178.  Lenny Dykstra - Phillies
200.  Bryce Florie - Padres

Well, packs 3 and 4 continue the theme of "all NL" or "all AL."  In this case, both packs were of the National League variety.  I can only assume that means the remaining packs in the box are now American League have no fear for those that claimed an AL team if that theory is in fact correct!


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Already have that one. No worries though, because there were only 2 cards, inserts included, in this entire box that I needed.

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