Friday, February 28, 2014

Now That's What I Like to Hear/Read!

A couple of days ago I received a PWE in the mail with a simple note:

Now that's what I like to hear/read!!  I love that people think of me when they pull Larkin cards - and crazy glow-in-the-dark Larkin cards are always welcome at the casa de Nachos Grande!

The Larkin is courtesy of David (from Alaska - one of two people that I trade with who lives in Anchorage)!  Someday I hope to make it to Alaska - one of the few states that I haven't visited yet (the others being Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Rhode Island, and North Dakota).  I think I've been to all the other states...

Anyhow, in addition to the Larkin, David also threw in a few Reds' parallels.  First, two parallels of the same player - one green and one gold (it would have been more fitting if Rodriguez had been from Wisconsin with that color combination)!

The final card in the PWE was this nice card of Bruce (along with Stanton and Cheater McCheaty Pants).

Thanks for the surprise PWE David!  It was much appreciated (as always)!  As for anyone else, if you want to trade - check out my want list and make an offer!


P-town Tom said...

Cheater McCheaty Pants. Nice. I'm going to use that one!

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