Friday, February 14, 2014

TEK-nically I'm in Love!

I hope everyone is loving the group break so far - I know I'm enjoying it (even if my Reds have only a single base card and a single insert to their name so far).  There's plenty of time yet - including a pair of boxes that I still haven't even opened up!  For now though, we return to 2000 Topps Tek - a set that gets a lot of love among the parallel lovers of the world!

Pack 05:
9 - 6.  Andruw Jones - Braves
25 - 9.  Orlando Hernandez - Yankees
30 - 12.  Ken Griffey Jr. - Reds

See look at that - I whined up above and lo and behold, a Red shows up.  And not just any Red but Ken Griffey Jr!
A13.  ArchiTEKs:  Shawn Green - Dodgers

And on cue, I then pull a Dodgers insert card - probably the team I pull more often than any other!

Pack 06:
8 - 6.  Mo Vaughn - Angels
22 - 9. Randy Johnson - Diamondbacks
39 - 6.  Pat Burrell - Phillies
TT3.  TEKtonics:  Ken Griffey Jr. - Reds

I don't know about you, but I didn't see that coming!  Two packs, two awesome Griffey Jr. cards!  This card is die-cut in a "shattered glass" kind of way - kind of weird, but kind of interesting!  I think I should start complaining more if that means I keep getting cool and interesting cards.  I should note that the TEKtonics cards are seeded 1:30 so this is better than a box hit for the Reds!


JediJeff said...

Does that mean I can start whining about the poor White Sox distribution in these boxes to this point? Will it turn around the break to my favor?

roddster said...

Sweet Griffey Jr. insert card

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