Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day Love: Who Doesn't Love Shiny Gold Inserts?!

It's February 14 which means it's Valentine's Day.  Don't forget to do something special for your loved one.  Maybe take out the trash or something at the very least.

Now, for what we all love - more baseball cards!  Let's continue our romp through the 2000 Stadium Club Chrome box.

Pack 11:
3.  Mark Grace - Cubs
78.  Troy Glaus - Angels
88.  Neifi Perez - Rockies
184.  Damion Easley - Tigers

Best card of the pack is easily this gorgeous Easley card.  I think Chris G. will be super happy with this one - it looks great in person (and it's too bad the Stadium Club Chrome cards scan like total garbage)!
240.  David Walling - Yankees

Pack 12:
51.  Luis Castillo - Marlins
136.  Brian Meadows - Padres
157.  Alex Fernandez - Marlins
194.  Todd Jones - Tigers
V8.  Visionaries:  Nick Johnson - Yankees

The Visionaries cards are seeded 1:18 packs (congrats to Petethan who has the Yankees this time around)!  The front is a very shiny gold - which doesn't seem to necessarily make sense with the theme of the "visionaries" but I'll let it slide because it's so.  darn.  shiny.


The Junior Junkie said...

!!!!! It's a new Griffey cameo card !!!!!

Off to COMC...

CaptKirk42 said...

Nice Nick Johnson card. Whoever has the Yanks if you get tired of it you can send it my way. :)

So far I've only seen one Orioles card guess I better start complaining if I'm going to see some cool Cal. Ripken's in this break. :D

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