Sunday, February 02, 2014

Weathering the Super Bowl Storm with a Weather-related Card!

I'm guessing many of you are watching the Super Bowl at the time of this post's posting...however, much like I'm writing this ahead of time and posting it Sunday night, you can read this after the fact and simply pretend you are reading it "live."  For those that are actually reading this during the Super Bowl - I will remind you that I posted a Trade Stack earlier today (with a bit of a Super Bowl connection) as well - that's first come - first serve so jump on it if you are interested!

After two consecutive posts with nary a 1998 Fleer Tradition card to be seen, it's time to return to the box and the next couple of packs.  Let's see what goodies are in store for us this time.  At the conclusion of this post, the box will be 50% busted!

Pack 17:
377.  Henry Rodriguez

Although action shots like the outfield dive can be overused, seeing one or two in a set is always a good thing.  The horizontal layout works perfectly here as well - and there's just enough of the outfield wall showing to make the entire photograph interesting to the eye.
421.  Felix Rodriguez
432.  Todd Stottlemyer
440.  Donnie Sadler

Question:  Does Sadler actually catch this ball?  It sure looks like overran it and the ball is about to pop out the top of his glove.  Great shot though!
451.  Cecil Fielder
455.  Jorge Posada
499.  Rolando Arrojo

This card might win the award for "most pairs of shoes without feet in them" on a baseball card.  
556.  Jaime Navarro
571.  Checklist:  Jose Cruz, Jr.
Vintage '63:  66.  Andy Benes - Diamondbacks
Diamond Ink points (1 point):  Jose Cruz, Jr.

Pack 18:
376.  Jose Canseco

Thinking about 'roids I presume.
399.  Kevin Elster
400.  Masato Yoshii
428.  Rafael Medina
468.  John Jaha
475.  Brian Moehler
502.  Tony Batista
555.  Stan Javier
Vintage '63:  Checklist

Sort of boring but I guess it's cool to see who is included (I like that the checklist is printed on "old time" cardboard.  Only one Red in the Vintage '63 set and I already pulled it so not much else there for me to look forward to.  
Promising Forecast:  13 of 20 PF.  Eric Milton - Twins

Oh sure, I'm not excited to pull Milton after his terrible stint with the Reds back in the day...but this particular insert set idea?  PURE GENIUS.  Why don't we see more weather related cards (and puns) in baseball card products?  I love this - and I have no plans to part with this card despite the fact that it's of a Twin.
Diamond Ink points (5 points):  Jay Buhner

A great pair of packs - so many cool cards in there.  Enjoy the game folks - see you on the blogs tomorrow!


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