Monday, March 17, 2014

2013 Topps Chrome: A Sepia Refractor #ed out of 75!

Happy freaking Monday.

Here are the next two packs out of my 2013 Topps Chrome box.  Maybe they will cheer me up.

Pack #9:
63.  Alex Colome
76.  Cole Hamels
101. Eury Perez
11.  Sepia Refractor:  Evan Longoria #10/75

Now THIS is a good way to cheer me up on a Monday - what a great looking refractor!  The Sepia tones work well with this image - and the card is numbered out of 75 on the back which is nice too.  The Sepia refractors are seeded 1:75 packs which means they are just rare enough to be special and yet not so rare that you'll never run across one.  

Pack #10:
31.  Chase Headley
62.  R.A. Dickey

84.  Starlin Castro
203.  Refractor:  Desmond Jennings

I'm glad my Ray that was the Sepia refractor was Longoria rather than Jennings!  That said, the Jennings card is pretty nice too...just harder to use as trade bait because I'm not sure the Rays have any collectors out there anymore...

Well, the two packs did manage to cheer me up a bit...but it's still Monday so we can't be too cheery, now can we?


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