Friday, March 21, 2014

And Thus Endeth the 2013 Topps Chrome Box!

After the monster hit pulled in the previous pack (see this morning's post), there can't possibly be anything good left in the box, right?  Well, I won't complain either way - but why not be a bit greedy!

Pack #23:
40.  Max Scherzer
82.  Robbie Grossman
218.  B.J. Upton
164.  Refractor:  Alex Wood

If it can't be a Cincinnati parallel, I'm happy for it to belong to the Braves as that is one of the teams that I am always able to use as quality trade bait!  

Pack #24:
Note:  When I was down to eight or so packs, I "pack searched" to see if any of the packs felt thicker than others.  By my touch, this was the only pack that felt thicker (there are a few relics in the set but they are mostly incredibly rare pulls).  Am I an expert pack searcher (obviously I did NOT select the pack with the auto redemption so I'm going to guess not)...
57.  Jurickson Profrar
98.  Johnny Cueto

200.  Buster Posey
161.  Refractor:  Zack Greinke

Well, it's clear that I suck as a pack searcher - but the final pack was still good (a Red plus a Dodger refractor).  

I greatly enjoyed this box break - probably one of the best boxes that I've opened in a long time.  I'm curious if people would be interested in a Topps Chrome group break - maybe either 2013 (which seems to be pretty high quality) or else waiting until 2014 is released.  Let me know what you think!


Mark Hoyle said...

I'm in.. Looks like you had a great box.

Tony L. said...

I'd probably join in.

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