Friday, March 28, 2014

Barry Larkin Collection 250: 2002 Topps 206 - #TR-BL - Relic

Barry Larkin
Year:  2002
Brand:  Topps 206
Card number:  TR-BL

For the 250th Barry Larkin card to be added to my online collection, I figured I should showcase one of my Larkin "hits."  I don't actually own all that many hits of Barry (most of his playing career was completed before the "bits of fabric" rage really hit baseball card sets), however of the hits that I do own this happens to be one of my favorites!  I love the old time look of the card - and the clean design of the frame.  I also love the fact that there is a red pin stripe in the bit of jersey material - it makes for a much, much more interesting card than a plan white swatch.  Even better, the bit of cloth looks like it could be from the exact jersey that Barry is wearing in the photo.

The downside to the vast majority of relic cards like this is the complete absence of an interesting card back.  Besides the typical legalese, there's not much to look at (unless you like ugly foil stickers).  At least the upper part of the back of the card looks nice - and is easy enough to read (even if I hate the fact that Topps used letters rather than numbers for the card "number").


The Lost Collector said...

Nice card. The red pinstripe looks cool.

roddster said...
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roddster said...

I too like when the swatch matches the jersey the player is wearing in the picture. It's those little details that adds a few points in my book.

I disagree with you on the back, I like the simplicity of it. Despite the 206 theme, I like the hologram. When I see the hologram on the backs of the cards it seems to be of more importance. And the number, 2846671. What is that for?? I'm sure the cardboard Gods at Topps know damn well what it is. It's meaning eludes me, but it's presence makes me think it's of some kind of importance.

Joe Frecker said...

Way to celebrate 250 with a relic card. I know you have lots more to post about. I love seeing and reading about all of them!

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