Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Happy Shiny Puigs, Prados, & A-Rods

For those that might be wondering, my great reorganization is (slowly) moving along.  I have sorted about one quarter of all my stacks of "random cards" into yearly stacks.  That part is the worst!  Once the cards are sorted by year, it's a lot more fun to then decide which sets to collect and which sets to scrap.  I also found a few other long-forgotten goodies that I'll probably offer up here for trade and/or make available for sale on eBay or Listia.

However, at the moment I'm not quite ready to make any such declarations - so let's return to the 2013 Topps Chrome box (you know, so I have even more cards to sort)...

Pack #17:
2.  Hunter Pence
185.  Kevin Youkilis
216.  Pablo Sandoval
188.  Refractor:  Martin Prado

Two Giants, a Yankee, and a Diamondback refractor.  Yeah, this pack was pretty much crap.

Pack #18:
127.  David Price
138.  Yasiel Puig

I pretty much had to get this card in the box if I was going to have any shot at completing the set!  Obviously I'm happy to have it now!
162.  Donald Lutz
It's a Red!  Woo.
168.  Xfractor:  Alex Rodriguez

If I have to get a card of A-rod, it might as well be one of the nice XFractor parallels.  Actually, this really isn't a bad card (though I will have no qualms about trading it away and/or selling it for a small profit)!

The second pack sure saved this post, didn't it?!  Only six packs remain which is sad - I'm really enjoying the Chrome set (probably in part because I didn't buy any of the regular flagship cards so the design isn't over-played yet for myself).  I should still have one more autograph lurking in the box - let's hope it's better than the first one!


Zippy Zappy said...

If you're trading the A-Rod I'd love to trade for it.

Alex Markle said...

I have a ton of Chrome dupes if you are trying to complete the set. Email me with a list of your needs when you finish breaking the box and I'll see what I can do for you:

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