Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mark H. Sends Me Some Vintage! (PWE #1)

Last week, I received a pair of awesome PWEs from blog reader extraordinaire Mark H.!  Tonight, let's take a look at the first of the two envelopes.

Mark stuffed a pair of sliced 9-pocket pages in the envelope (my new favorite way of mailing PWEs too for what it is worth) - and then added a couple of stamps for postage.  Why two stamps for a PWE you ask?

Well, when you send EIGHTEEN cards, it gets heavy!  Let's check out the goodies!

As I said, this was a stuffed PWE - and I think I'll go through the cards from newest to oldest.  As such, we begin with this Johnny Bench beauty from 1983!

You know you are in for a postal treat when you get 18 cards and the newest card is an '83 Johnny Bench.  In fact, I love the '83 set a lot so getting the Bench is extra nice!  I believe I've even mentioned the fact that I almost wish I was born in 1983 rather than 1982 so that I could have this beautiful set as my "birth year" set instead of the rather hideous hockey stick set.

Speaking of hockey sticks...

Mark sent me one from the 1982 set too - and it's another Reds' star!  I might bag on the '82 set a lot, but I have to say this particular card is awesome.  Batting cages plus a nice view of the card (and a smiling, posed shot) - cardboard gold!

Since I can't scan every card (well, I could but who's going to make it through an 18 card scan post?), I'll skip a few cards and move into the portion of the envelope containing cards from the 1970s.

Next up, a Tom Seaver original from 1979.

I'm undecided about how I feel about the 1979 design (in terms of the front of the card) but I do know that I like the back of the card quite a bit.  Plenty of information and trivia, yet wholly readable.

If we go back in a time a bit more, we reach this wonderful card highlighting the 1976 Reds' World Series Championship.

For me, it would have been even better to have been born early enough to have been able to see the Big Red Machine in action...but at least I have 1990 to say I saw my team win a World Series (even if I was only eight years old).

Finally, we end with the oldest card in the first envelope - a 1972 Hal McRae card.

The best part of this card is the fact that the photographer couldn't even be bothered to get the guy warming up in the background to move out of the posed image shot of McRae.

Thanks for the awesome PWE Mark!  I'll post the highlights of the second envelope at a later date.  Until then, should anyone else want to trade be sure to check out my want list and make an offer!


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Glad you enjoyed the cards.

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