Tuesday, March 25, 2014

More 2014 Heritage - The Second Half of my Rack Pack

Last night, I showed off the top half of a 2014 Topps Heritage rack pack.  This wasn't just any rack pack though - it happened to be one that my wife bought me (and my first 2014 Heritage cards of the year too)!  As you can imagine, that level of excitement can't easily be tempered...even with the plethora of Cardinals and Yankees in the first half.

Maybe the bottom half of the pack is better in terms of the cards.

398.  Daniel Webb & Chris Robinson
These two sound more like basketball player names than they do baseball player names.
215.  Matt Harrison
67.  Nick Franklin

I enjoy the posed shots with stadiums in the background.  Cards like this make me miss summer!
193.  Ian Kennedy
140.  Jered Weaver

This is one of the Target red-border variations.  They are seeded 1:4 rack packs which means they are somewhat rare (especially if you have dreams of completing the entire parallel set)!
163.  Wily Peralta
107.  Ethan Martin & Cameron Rupp
415.  Mike Zunino

I think Zunino wins "best comic on the back" award for this pack!  
1.  AL Batting Leaders
27.  Jarrod Saltalamacchia

Well, no Reds in the bottom half (and only one-third of a Red in the top half) but still a fun start to the 2014 Heritage set!  No short prints but maybe I can flip that red bordered Weaver for a short print or two?!


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