Monday, March 31, 2014

More 2014 Topps Heritage (With a Bit More Trade Bait Too!)

Yesterday, I opened up the top half of a Wal*Mart 2014 Topps Heritage rack pack and then forced myself to set aside the bottom half of the pack until I finished grading a pile of PreCalculus exams.  I'm pleased to say that I did manage to finish the grading (and returned the exams in class today) which means I now can dip into the bottom half of the pack.  I'm still looking for my first short print out of the set - maybe this will be my lucky day?

36.  Coco Crisp

49.  Xander Bogaerts & Jonathan Schoop
137.  Anthony Gose
140.  Jared Weaver
294.  David Robertson
369.  Omar Infante
374.  Wilfredo Tovar & Mauricio Robles
423.  Alex Wood
TAN-CC.  Then & Now:  Roberto Clemente & Miguel Cabrera

This is my first Then & Now of the 2014 Heritage set.  I think the design is a bit better than what I can remember from previous years - it certainly has a retro vibe to it which I like.  You also can't go wrong with the player pairing!  This happened to be the second Clemente insert card in the rack pack too!
NAP-MS.  New Age Performers:  Max Scherzer

So many Tigers!  Cabrera had no problem with Detroit after agreeing to some type of monster contract but it appears Scherzer doesn't feel the same way about the Tigers.  He apparently turned down a large offer and will (presumably) be a free agent at year's end.  I guess you might as well save some time and paint some pinstripes on Scherzer's cards this year just so you can say you had him first as a Yankee (or maybe a Dodger since LA is quickly becoming the west coast New York).  

In terms of duplicates, once again I didn't fare too well.  The Coco Crisp is a duplicate as is the Scherzer New Age Performer card.  The Crisp isn't a big deal but getting two NAP's in three rack packs is rare - and to have them both be the same card is downright annoying and frustrating!  Oh well, more trade bait I suppose!


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