Friday, March 14, 2014

Priority Flat Rate Box Exploration: Team Bag #5 from 2x3 Heroes!

Happy Pi Day everyone (3.14).  I'm guessing that is a day only exciting to math people (or actually probably only to students in math classes in which the teacher gives them some sort of treat to celebrate).  Anyhow...

I'm now down to the final three team bags in the priority mail flat rate box courtesy of Jeff over at 2x3 Heroes.  If you missed the first four bags, check my blog archives!  

Of the three remaining bags to be opened, there is a good variety in teams (one bag each for the Reds, Pirates, and Orioles).  Since the Orioles are my least favorite of the three teams, let's open up their bag next.  
Last time I chose my five favorite cards out of the team to bag to show off and it worked out pretty well.  Since I'm not one to mess with a good thing, let's enact the exact same plan this time!

#5:  1990 KMart:  Jeff Ballard

This isn't exactly a great looking card but it is a brand new oddball for my collection.  The KMart cards were actually produced by Topps so at least there is some sort of legitimacy with them (I just don't know why they chose Ballard for the Orioles, seems a bit random to me).

#4:  1996 Fleer:  Rick Krivda

The 1996 Fleer set might be the first "throwback set."  By 1993, Topps had finally abandoned any semblance of old fashioned cardboard for their base set in favor of an all glossy look.  It took three years from that date for someone to say "hey, maybe collectors miss the good old days" and so 1996 Fleer was born.  On the other hand, it might be that the guys at Fleer who designed the disastrous 1995 set were all fired and Fleer brought back the people who designed their sets in the 80s.  Either way, this is a kind of interesting set - though it misses out on being a complete winner because of the gold foil.

#3:  1994 UD Collector's Choice:  Harold Baines

I love me some Collector's Choice cards (though I don't love this Baines card so much that I need all three copies of it that Jeff threw in the pack)...  Anyone missing this one?

#2:  2012 Topps Gold Parallel:  Kyle Hudson

I don't know anything about Hudson (in fact, I never heard of him before this card) but I won't turn down a serially numbered card.  This one happens to be #1576/2012 which I'm sure someone who is more clever than me could turn into a "eBay 1-of-1 sick mojo" card.

#1:  2012 Topps Chrome:  Adam Jones

We end the countdown of Orioles with this Adam Jones Chrome card which I like quite a bit.  Jones will forever be a favorite of mine just because he was on fantasy team last year and did so well (almost carrying me to the championship)!  The Chrome effect on this card is kind of cool, Jones almost looks like he's popping out of the card! 

Thanks for the trade Jeff - and there's still two more team bags to go!  If all goes well, I should have this box finished off by the end of the weekend...and then I'll have even more cards to sort and organize!


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So, is next year "Super Pi" day, since it will be 3.14.15?

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