Monday, March 03, 2014

What a Snowy Start to my Spring Break (More Topps Gallery Group Break Packs)

Happy Spring Break to me!

*Looks outside and see nothing but snow*

Well, crap.

I guess the snow might be keeping me inside during my so-called spring break, but that just means there's more time for opening group break packs (and soon, packing up group break packages)!

We have exactly seven packs remaining - here are two of the final four Topps Gallery packs.

Pack 21:
20.  Derek Jeter - Yankees
29.  Todd Helton - Rockies
33.  Javy Lopez - Braves
61.  Mark Grace - Cubs
97.  Denny Neagle - Reds
103.  Mark McGwire - Cardinals

A nice card of McGwire for madding - this is one of the high number semi-short print cards (you get one high number card per pack).

Pack 22:
25.  Wade Boggs - Rays

The Boggs is a good looking card.  The extra large foul territory adds a nice amount of grass to a camera shot that normally would featuring nothing but cement and fans in the stands.  I also like the framing job done by the catcher in the picture - I think Boggs is just about to be rung up on strikes!
28.  Jason Kendall - Pirates
39.  Dmitri Young - Reds
40.  Ivan Rodriguez - Rangers
88.  Fred McGriff - Rays
118.  Ben Grieve - Athletics

We should have three more group break posts - one each for Tek, Gallery, and Stadium Club.  That means at least one of those boxes should be finished off later today!  Stay tuned - and I hope you've enjoyed the ride (whether you are actively taking part in the break or not).


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