Friday, April 25, 2014

Blast(er)! Heritage Sucks Me In Again!

By now, 2014 Topps Heritage is old news for most of you.  However, for me it's still relatively new (and it will remain "new" to me for awhile as I plan to completely avoid this year's edition of Gypsy Queen).  A few days ago I found myself in Wal*Mart (which means I couldn't help but check out their meager card aisle).  I was pleased to see that they had exactly one Heritage blaster I bought it.

I won't bore everyone with the pack by pack breakdown (as I usually do) but I will split the blaster into two posts so that I can show off the goodies that I did get!

Pack 1:
The first pack out of the blaster was rough!  There wasn't a single short print, insert, or even Red in the entire pack.  Even worse than that, of the nine cards in the pack, I already had five of them.  At this point, I was thinking that I made a mistake by buying the blaster...luckily, this was the worst of the eight packs and I just happened to open it first.

Pack 2:

The second pack contained a Cespedes (the last of the non-short printed cards) plus a nice Baseball Flashbacks insert of the Astrodome.  This is a pretty cool card (though I always liked the 1992 Topps set for their card backs featuring stadiums as well so I'm probably biased).

Pack 3:

The third pack was a great one.  I ended up with a nice Aroldis Chapman base card plus a pair of inserts.  The first was a Jordan Zimmerman short print - always a nice thing to be able to inch closer to completing the short print portion of the set.

The third card of note out of the third pack was this Robinson Cano blue border Wal*Mart parallel.  I don't have any plans to collect the blue (or red) borders so this one is available for trade!

Pack 4:

The final pack from the first half of the blaster rivaled the first pack for "worst in blaster."  No short prints, blasters, or other cards of note.  However, I deemed pack 4 to be slightly better based on the pitching leaders card showing five different players on the same card.


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