Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter: The Baseball Card Equivalent of the Hidden Egg.

It's Easter Sunday (so Happy Easter to those who celebrate that)!  Since the tradition on Easter Sunday usually involves some sort of hidden prize (usually eggs and chocolate), I figured I'd do the baseball card equivalent of that today.

You see, my 2003 Fleer Box Score box comes with its own prize:  A supplemental box that is shrink-wrapped in black plastic.

There are a total of five different possible supplemental boxes (Rising Stars, All-Stars, Classic Miniatures, International Road Trip, and Bronx Bombers).  The only possible Barry Larkin card in the set resides in the All-Stars box so I think that's the box I'd like the most.  In addition, each supplemental box is supposed to contain a memorabilia card!

Let's rip off that wrapping and see what Easter surprise is in store for us!

I ended up with the International Road Trip box.  It could have been worse (I really didn't want the Bronx Bombers box) but it could have been better (any of the other three boxes would have been more preferred).  No matter, there are still plenty of good players in the box (there is a checklist on the back of the box which is nice).
I believe the World Pieces are the different possible relics that could be within the box.  Each box contains one such relic - the question is who will I get?  If I had to guess, I'll pick either Sasaki, Cruz, or Choi - only because I'm guessing those will be the three hardest players to trade away (and I usually get "stuck" with relics).  Also, none of the featured players are Reds so it is pretty safe to say that no matter who I pull it will be available for trade should someone be interested (unless the card design is so stellar that it blows me away of course)!

Speaking of the box itself, there was an extra surprise - the top of the box was closed with a serially numbered sticker (in my case it was 2014/2400).
A bit difficult to read but this is the top of the box of cards (resting on my scanner bed)

Doing the math, if Fleer made 2400 of each supplementary box - and you get one such box per hobby box, then Fleer produced 12,000 different hobby boxes.  To me, that actually seems like a rather low number...but what do I know?

Since I am guessing that most of my readers are doing some sort of celebrating today, I doubt many people are actually online at the time this post goes live on Easter morning.  I plan to open the supplementary box up and then produce a "highlights" post of sorts that will (hopefully) go live later this evening.

Happy Easter all!


P-town Tom said...

If you do happen to get a Choi relic I would happy to trade for it. My Cubs collection of autos/game-used cards is missing a Choi!

petethan said...

That's a fun little Easter egg. Nice.

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