Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter! Opening Up My "Hidden" Box!

This morning, I tore the protective black plastic cover off my supplementary box of cards from 2003 Fleer Box Score and revealed the International Road Trip box.

It is now time to open the box up and take a gander at the cards within!

Upon opening the box, the first thing I realized was the cards were stuck together like a big 'ol brick.  Luckily, they did peel apart without any chipping or sticking (unlike plenty of other older products that I've opened).  The first card out of the box?  This Carlos Beltran.

All of the International Road Trip cards look like the Beltran (with only the player name, team name, and the city of birth changing).  I love the fact though that Fleer used an arrow to show the flag of the player's home country (in Beltran's case, that is Puerto Rico).

For comparison, here's Hideo Nomo (notice his arrow goes to the flag of Japan since Nomo is from Osaka, Japan).

Good stuff!  The one thing I didn't realize is that the cards in the supplemental boxes are actually numbered as part of the base set (they follow the short prints).  That's freaking annoying...  If I were to truly put together the entire set, I would need to track down the other four supplementary boxes.  I'm tempted (maybe I'll check eBay just to see if I can nab 'em for cheap) but we shall see.

The backs of the cards are quite nice as well (notice the card numbering).  You get a small write-up about the player and his relationship to his home country as well as a giant team logo (which I like).  Quite honestly, this is a solid box set - something I wasn't expecting!

Now, each box also comes with a relic inside...for me, I ended up with....

Miguel Tejada

Yeah, it's a plain white swatch but it's still a cool design (notice the swatch makes up the globe in the card design).  I also like the team logo behind the player in question.  The card is not serially numbered (though it is 5 of 10 in terms of the World Piece checklist).  Pretty cool card if you ask me - and definitely one of my favorite Athletics relics that I've ever pulled!


Swing And A Pop-up said...

Nice pull. Congrats.

Mark Hoyle said...

Great cards

Fuji said...

I have the Nomo from this set. I really like the whole international theme... maybe I'l try to build this set. The checklist has a few cool names on it.

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