Saturday, April 05, 2014

I Went to Wal*Mart to Soothe my Broken Heart...

After the Reds' loss to the hated (yet mostly respected) Cardinals on Opening Day, I found myself wandering around Wal*Mart...

It's time to crack open one of those two blasters that I bought now!  Since the next couple of weeks represent the final two weeks of the semester, time will be of the essence for me - so having some "easy" blog fodder like Heritage packs is a double win!

Anyhow, here are the results of the first two packs out of the first blaster.

Pack #1:
1.  AL AVG Leaders
20.  Cliff Lee
27.  Jarrod Saltalamacchia
49.  Xander Bogaerts & Jonathan Schoop
121.  Kendrys Morales
262.  Casey Janssen
266.  Adam Dunn
The closest I got to a Red in this pack.

393.  Lorenzo Cain
423.  Alex Wood

No short prints, no inserts, no variations, no Reds....the only highlight is no Cardinals.  Cards #1, 27, 49, and 423 all join my duplicates pile - so if you need any of those holler!

Pack #2:
63.  Jacob Turner
70.  Paul Konerko
190.  Allen Craig
264.  Fernando Rodney
273.  David Holmberg & Chad Bettis
What?  You thought I'd scan Craig instead?1

290.  Chris Tillman
306.  R.A. Dickey
344.  Justin Morneau
403.  Kenley Jansen

I ended up with half a Reds card...and a full Cardinals card.  This blaster isn't making me feel any better about that Opening Day loss.  The good news I did need all the cards in the pack for my set (even if it was another insert/short print-free pack).


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