Thursday, April 10, 2014

Just Cheesin'!

In the words of Toad in The New Super Mario Bros game for Wii:  "I'm back, I'm back!"

More specifically, the second 2014 Heritage blaster is still sitting on my desk waiting to be fully ripped - and so I'm back with another two pack post from that blaster!

Pack 3:
88.  Ricky Nolasco
117.  Chase Headley
242.  Ross Detwiler
294.  David Robertson
326.  Elvis Andrus
411.  Mike Minor
415.  Mike Zunino
468.  Carlos Santana

BF-EB.  Baseball Flashbacks:  Ernie Banks

Now this was a good pack at the high end of the spectrum, but not at the low end!  The good news is that the Santana is a short print that I needed (I still need almost all the short prints should you have any available for trade).  In addition, I needed the Banks insert - and the Mike Minor card...  All the other base cards though?  Yep, all duplicates...  Ugh.

Pack 4:
23.  Joaquin Benoit
28.  Jose Altuve
36.  Coco Crisp
51.  Denard Span
215.  Matt Harrison
247.  Mat Latos
Just cheesin'

329.  Ervin Santana
374.  Wilfredo Tovar & Mauricio Robles
480.  Craig Kimbrel

Another short print (yay!) but wouldn't you know that this is one of the few short prints that I already own?!  Ugh.  This blaster is worse than the last one!!  At the Latos card made me smile - though no where near as big as Mat's grin.


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