Monday, April 21, 2014

More Fleer Box Score: Griffey Jr, Very Orange Mets, & a Short Print

I'm now about to cross the halfway mark of the 2003 Fleer Box Score box.  Yesterday, I opened up the supplementary box where I found my first hit.  Will I find another hit today?

Pack 9:
2.  Derek Jeter
26.  Mike Piazza
38.  Jim Edmonds
56.  Tom Glavine

I don't recall the Mets having so much orange on their jerseys.  Both Glavine and Piazza are rocking the orange in this pack though.
64.  Manny Ramirez
78.  Ken Griffey Jr.

The Reds are not well-represented in this set...but you better believe I'm happy to get a new Ken Griffey Jr. card for my collection!  I love this one too - the colors work really well.
89.  Rafael Palmeiro

The great thing about not being totally hit centric is that you can enjoy a pack of cards for what they are!  I would call pack 9 a definite win for me!

Pack 10:
19.  Cliff Floyd
30.  Jeff Kent
44.  Shawn Green
52.  Frank Thomas
79.  Roberto Alomar
92.  Garret Anderson
121.  Lew Ford

Another rookie short print, that's my third now from the box.  At 1:6 packs, I don't expect to pull any more since the box only holds 18 packs.  Unfortunately, the rest of this pack was total garbage in the sense that every other card was a duplicate from within the box!!  On the bright side, I now have a small stack of 2003 Fleer Box Score trade bait should someone want any of the non-SP cards from this pack!


The Junior Junkie said...

Great-looking Junior! I have that one as well....

Steve D. said...

The Mets used the orange jerseys for a couple years in BP/Spring Training

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