Saturday, April 19, 2014

More Out of the Box Score Box (Including a Guy Who Used to Crush the Reds)

I'm now approaching the halfway point in my box of 2003 Fleer Box Score.  Tonight's post will include pack numbers seven and eight (out of the 18 pack box).  Will I find my first promised hit?  Let's find out right now!

Pack 7:
9.  Tim Salmon
15.  Lance Berkman

When I saw Berkman's name show up as I went through the cards, I said to myself "man, that guy always killed the Reds."  (Yeah, I refer to myself as "man" when talking to myself.)  Anyhow, I flip the card over and wouldn't you know it:  Berkman's chosen box score was a game against the Reds on April 16, 2002 where Lance crushed three home runs and drove in 5 runs.  He also struck out once so there is that in the Reds' favor.
31.  Bobby Abreu
37.  Brian Giles
40.  Andruw Jones
50.  Edgardo Alfonzo
88.  Jorge Posada

I don't like the Yankees one little bit...but this card is a great card and even I can admit that!  The colors, the action shot, it all comes together beautifully!

Pack 8:
24.  Paul Konerko
30.  Jeff Kent
44.  Shawn Green
49.  Hideo Nomo
52.  Frank Thomas

Not every day you see some spray painted rebar on a baseball card (or so it appears to my untrained eye).
58.  Mo Vaughn
66.  Kerry Wood

You just knew Wood's box score would be the day he struck out 20 Astros in his fifth big league start.

No hits yet, but I'm still digging the set.  This is definitely a keeper set for me!


jacobmrley said...

You are correct, Frank Thomas used to swing a huge piece of rebar in the on deck circle. If you were a pitcher back then, he must have been terrifying.

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