Thursday, April 17, 2014

Summer Break is Here (sort of): The First Packs Out of the Fleer Box Score Box to Celebrate!

It's time for summer break (except for that whole finals week thing next week).  No matter, I have all my finals written (and one is even copied) and so I feel like it's pre-vacation if nothing else.  To celebrate, I mentioned yesterday that I'd be busting a new box (one of my Christmas boxes that has thus far remained untouched)!

Untouched no longer!  Let's rip into that 2003 Fleer Box Score box and see what goodies we find!

The box contains 18 packs (with 7 cards per pack) plus the supplemental box of cards.  As usual, I think I'll stick with my two packs per post pace, it helps to spread out the box and make the fun last just a bit longer!

Pack 1:
3.  Alex Rodriguez
25.  Jeff Bagwell

The design of these is pretty cool - there's a box score in the background (though the box score doesn't seem to reflect the team in question which is an obvious miss by Fleer).  I will say that the box scores are different (or at least some are different - two of the cards in this pack happen to share a box score in the background).
42.  Ryan Klesko
51.  Nomar Garciaparra
57.  Richie Sexson
65.  Bret Boone
79.  Roberto Alomar

The back of the cards further solidifies the theme by showing a single game's box score for the player in question.  For Alomar, that game occurred on 4/26/1997 during which he went 4-4 with 6 RBIs.  I like that Fleer showcases a specific game for each player and that it's not necessarily from 2002 (the previous year at the time of the product's release).

No hits or inserts in the first pack but I can already say that I like this set quite a bit!  Let's hope the box has good collation...this might be a "keeper" set for me!

Pack 2:
19.  Cliff Floyd
22.  Torii Hunter
59.  Barry Bonds
69.  Moises Alou
81.  Miguel Tejada

The colors on this card really "pop" out - great looking piece of cardboard!
83.  Jason Giambi
92.  Garrett Anderson

That's the first two packs - and while no hits/inserts have shown up that's alright for fact, it's kind of fun to start off with packs of base cards so that you get a chance to fully appreciate the set design before being inundated with the rarer stuff in the box!


night owl said...

Summer break? It snowed here yesterday, man.

Nachos Grande said...

Yeah, our deck was covered with snow Tuesday morning... It felt weird saying "happy summer" to people when it was 40 degrees outside! We have finals next week though, so maybe it'll warm up a bit by then and my summer greetings won't seem quite to weird.

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