Wednesday, April 02, 2014

The Last of the Heritage Rack least until I buy more...

I'm not feeling all that great today - but I am feeling good enough to open up the final portion of the fourth rack pack of 2014 Topps that I've had the opportunity to rip!

4.  NL HR Leaders

This is an easy choice for my favorite card of the bottom half of the rack pack since it features a Red (even if it is an itty, bitty photo of Bruce)!
95.  Brandon McCarthy
203.  Leonys Martin
230.  Lance Lynn
250.  Mike Trout

This is a great card (not as good as the Bruce HR Leader, but still really good)!  I love the background here - it sort of looks like Trout had his photo taken in the middle of the desert (which would make sense if he were a Diamondback but not so much for a Los Angeles Angel)!
252.  Dan Uggla
253.  Justin Maxwell
297.  Khris Davis

I picked up Davis in my fantasy league so for now I'll be rooting for him (except when he plays the Reds of course).  Kind of a cool card too - I like the sun/shadow effect.
301.  Terry Francona
326.  Elvis Andrus

Well, the bad news in this part was no short prints, no variations, and no inserts.  The good news was there were no duplicates for me either (which is great actually)!


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Love the Trout card

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