Sunday, April 06, 2014

Topps Heritage Blaster Break: Chrome & Blue Border Goodies

This morning, I busted packs #3 and #4 out of the first (of two) Heritage blasters that I bought after the Reds lost to the hated Cardinals on Opening Day.  Now, it's time to continue the opening process with packs #5 and #6.

Pack 5:
61.  Nate Eovaldi
171.  Gordon Beckham
194.  Buddy Boshers & Matt Shoemaker
197.  Josh Reddick
205.  Starling Marte

261.  Jose Molina
404.  Charlie Blackmon
Wal*Mart Blue border:  439.  Jose Fernandez

Chrome:  THC-425.  Yoenis Cespedes #420/999

Both the Fernandez blue border and the Cespedes are available for trade (preferably for some short prints from 2014 Heritage).  The Marte card got scanned because any comic with a palm tree in it deserves a scan.  This year's Chrome cards are only numbered out of 999 (and seeded 1:31 packs which makes them quite rare compared to what I thought they were seeded in previous years).

Pack 6:
13.  Ross Ohlendorf
104.  Joey Butler & Jim Adduci
179.  Radael Betancourt
228.  Mitch Moreland
312.  Munenori Kawasaki
Say "Cheese!"

352.  Edward Mujica
371.  Edwin Jackson
381.  Dustin Ackley
413.  A.J. Pollock

Not much to write home about in pack #6.  Unfortunately, I haven't hit a lot of short prints in this blaster...but at least I did need most of the base cards.  In fact, I needed all but the Mujica and Ohlendorf from these two packs - not bad.


Joe Frecker said...

What? No Larkin card today? You were on such a roll.
Just kidding, a mothers birthday is entertaining too.

Need More Cardboard said...

The chrome cards are rarer because they reduced the print run of each to 999 when in the past they were numbered to the year the set design was based on.

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