Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What Box I'm Opening Next Here at Nachos Grande!

Although I'm in the midst of a giant reorganization (in which I currently have stacks and stacks of unsorted cards), I wanted to reward myself for finishing off the semester...and to do so, I decided to crack open another one of my Christmas boxes from last year!

Yes, I know.  I'm a freak.  Who lets an unopened gift hobby box sit around for four months before cracking into it?

Answer:  Me.

To be fair, I am trying to get organized - and adding more cards to the piles to be sorted isn't an ideal thing to do when trying to consolidate cards.

So, what's the box that I'll be opening?

Yep - that's a 2003 Fleer Box Score hobby box.  I had opened a box of 2002 Box Score for a group break one time - but I've never opened any of the '03 set.

The box itself contains 18 packs plus a supplemental hobby box.  According to the outer box wrapper, each supplemental box contains a game-used card.

As with any Fleer set from the turn of the century, there are plenty of inserts within the box (including a parallel set).  There are also "regular" memorabilia cards seeded 1:15 packs which means I should get at leasst two hits (if I understand the box odds correctly).  Furthermore, there are some cooler hits like 3-swatch jerseys and 4-swatch jerseys (neither of which I'll probably get but it can't hurt to hope, right)?!

Couple the two game-used cards from the box, plus the one from the supplemental box, this hobby bought ought to provide me with three new hits for my collection.  Unfortunately, as near as I can tell there is only one Barry Larkin card in the set (and it can only be found in the All-Stars supplementary box of which I have  a 1 out of 5 chance of getting).

Even so, I'm looking forward to seeing what this box holds - it'll provide the perfect start to the first day of unofficial summer vacation tomorrow (after all, I still have to write, proctor, and grade final exams next week so I'm not quite in the free and clear yet)!


The Junior Junkie said...

Nice - get Griffeys, and trade them to me!

Joe Frecker said...

I hope 11 is your lucky number.

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