Sunday, May 04, 2014

Barry Larkin Collection 274: 1997 Donruss - #15 - Armed And Dangerous Insert #0867/5000

Barry Larkin
Year:  1997
Brand:  Donruss
Insert set:  Armed and Dangerous
Card number:  15 of 15

I don't think "Armed and Dangerous" is politically correct enough for a card company to use it as the name of an insert set these days (especially with the camouflage)!   However, back in 1997 times were simpler and so Donruss rocked the war theme in its baseball card set.  As you can see, the front of the card features Larkin superimposed over a mostly camo background along with a "stamp" saying he was Armed and Dangerous.  It's actually a kind of cool look - and thematically it is a strong insert set idea!

The back of the card features a secondary image of Larkin as well as a very short bio (and his vital signs in the typical "army" font - there's probably a name for it but I don't know what it is).  The card is numbered 0867/5000 which adds to the perceived value as well!  In fact, the Armed and Dangerous cards were quite tough pulls - they were seeded 1:58 Series 1 Hobby packs (source)!

Overall, I like almost everything about this card - my one gripe is the small print on the back of the card - it says 1996 Donruss under the copyright...that's annoying since this is actually a 1997 card!  Copyright dates that don't line up with the actual year of release are the bane of many card collectors (myself included)!  Even so, that one minor gripe doesn't detract from the sheer awesomeness that is this card!


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