Thursday, May 08, 2014

Barry Larkin Collection 277: 1992 McDonald's Baseball's Best - #21

Barry Larkin
Year:  1992
Brand:  McDonald's Baseball's Best (Topps)
Card number:  21

I don't remember ever getting baseball cards with my Happy Meals as a kid, but apparently McDonald's did produce a set of baseball cards back in 1992.  According to, this particular set was only available at McDonald's locations in the New York and Philadelphia regions.  You had to pay an extra $0.99 for a five card pack if you bought an Extra Value Meal (or pay $1.79 for the pack if you bought some other food product).  There was a second McDonald's set released in 1992 (but this time by Donruss and available only in Canada) - what can I say, the 1990s were a confusing time for baseball card collectors!

As for the card itself, it's quite nice for an oddball!  The front features gold foil (which was exciting at the time though now it's less desirable as it can be difficult to read the player's name).  There is also a nice full color photo on the front - and full career statistics on the back (notice the back of the card is colored with McDonald's standard yellow and red colors)!  I think I like this particular McDonald's card quite a bit better than the Donruss edition from the same year.


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