Saturday, May 10, 2014

Delivery Time! Blog Reader Ben Helps with Heritage!

This past week was a great week in terms of mail days - I think I received at least one package of cards each day (with multiple packages on a couple of the days).  I also got good news at work (salary increases for everyone!) and I have a lead on a potential new job.  All things considered, I'm flying high right now.

I'm also pleased to report that I'm making solid progress on my 2014 Topps Heritage set.  One of my trades from this week was with blog reader Ben who sent me a few Heritage base cards that I still needed.  I still need a TON of short prints, but in terms of the regular base set I'm getting closer and closer to having them all!  Ben's package contained 11 more cards that I needed - and while I know many of you are already sick of Heritage and have moved on to other sets, I'll scan a couple of my favorites from the trade.

69.  Gaby Sanchez

Why it caught my eye:  The image.  This is an iconic sort of posed shot that old Topps sets were known for.  I wouldn't want a full set of shots like this - but having a few scattered about the Topps Heritage brand makes perfect sense (and adds to the feel of the set).

168.  Ike Davis

Why it caught my eye:  Spring training.  I love getting spring training fields as backdrops on baseball cards.  In fact, I have always wondered why we've never gotten an insert set featuring spring training locations.  Many fans (myself included) have never had the opportunity to attend spring training, wouldn't an informational set showcasing some of the various venues be interesting?  I think so.

416.  Emilio Bonifacio

Why it caught my eye:  The shelves of helmets in the background.  Topps Heritage isn't known for the exciting images so if you want to be entertained you basically have to start paying more attention to the background.  Although the eleven cards that Ben sent me weren't the best examples of interesting backgrounds, I'm still amused by dugout shots like Bonifacio's.  It's just too bad the background is a bit blurry in this one - as it is it kind of looks like there are ice skates attached to the top of the Royals' helmets!

Thanks for the trade Ben.  And, as always, if anyone else would like to trade, check out my want list and make an offer!


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