Sunday, May 11, 2014

Delivery Time! Hot Corner Sends Hot Cards (Heritage Style!)

This is the second consecutive day where I get to show off a trade envelope featuring a plethora of 2014 Heritage cards.  At this point, my want list is almost exclusively short prints...and even what I needed from that group got slightly smaller thanks to this package courtesy of Pat over at Hot Corner Cards.

Pat sent me 15 Heritage cards as a bit of a surprise (we've been sending surprise packages back and forth to each other for awhile now).  Anyhow, this week it was my turn to be surprised - and you better believe that I was!  For starters, Pat shipped me one of the almost impossible to acquire short prints - and it was a Red no less!

That's card number 496 in the set and it's none other than Tony Cingrani - a pitcher that I hope becomes great for my beloved Reds.

The rest of the cards that Pat sent my way weren't short prints - but they were regular base cards that I still needed and therefore they are also much appreciated!  Of the fourteen cards, my favorite was easily this happy grinning card of Norichika Aoki.

Second place though also deserves a scan thanks to Jeff Samardzija's "pirate-esque" snarl in that photo.

Thanks for the great cards Pat - you've helped me inch closer to completing this year's Heritage set (and now the question is will I complete the 2014 set, the 2011 set, the 2009 set, the 2008 set, or the 2007 Heritage set first)?!  It's a race!!

Got any to send me?  Check out my want list and make an offer!


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