Thursday, May 08, 2014

Delivery Time! So Many Great Cards from Alaska!

Last week, I received an awesome surprise trade package from David way up in Alaska.  According to my records, I've actually traded with two different people from Alaska - more than quite a few other states believe it or not!  Someday I'll go back through my Excel file and figure out whether or not there are still any states remaining to which I have not yet mailed a card package.  Maybe I can just pick a random town in that state, Google map myself a street in that town, and then pick a random house number.

Then again, that might not be the best idea.

What is a good idea though is sending me cards - and so David must be a genius as he sent me a bubble mailer FULL of great stuff.  In fact, there's so much great stuff here I had to do lots of scanning - but it's worth it!

To begin, I'll start with a set that I've seen on the blogs (for about a week) but never actually held any of the cards in my own grubby meat hooks.  2014 Donruss.

I admit that I was kind of excited when I heard Panini was bringing back the classic Donruss style set - but then the general poo-pooing of the set that happened on many blogs kind of deflated my bubble.  In fact, it appeared there were tons and tons of complete garbage boxes out there - so many that I got scared away.  However, based on the Jay Bruce above, I will say that I like (but do not love) the base set.  It's clean with a classic vibe (exactly what I imagine Panini was going for with the set).

What I love from the set though is this card - I believe it is an insert set but it really captures the mood of late 80s Donruss!

I understand why Panini can't show logos...but I wish they would have figured out a better option rather than just chopping Bailey's head in half.  For crying out loud, the guy threw a no-hitter last year, stop chopping his head off!

David also sent me some older Panini offerings that I enjoyed including this Jay Bruce Triple Play card.

I can't see myself ever actually collecting the set but I will say the card cracked me up when I saw it!

There was also an Aroldis Chapman sticker from Panini...and since I'm a sucker for almost anything in sticker form you know this one's a keeper!

The final Panini card to show off is a Johnny Bench from the Museum Collection (?) set.

This is a nice card - and it's even better since you don't actually notice the lack of logos unless you specifically look for them.  Obviously that's easier to pull off when featuring a catcher with full gear on, but still, more cards like this and Panini could be a legitimate challenger to the Toppsopoly.

While David obviously sent me a ton of cool "random" stuff (and there were another 40 or so other assorted Reds' cards that I didn't show), David also managed to put a dent into a few of the sets on my want list.

First, he took out a chunk of my 2013 Topps needs.  He finished off my Reds' team set from the Updates set with this Donald Lutz rookie card.

David also hooked me up with the final Reds' "The Elite" insert card that I needed, this one being the great Johnny Bench.

I guess he counts as an elite player (even if I hate the name "The Elite" for an insert set).

Last but not least, David also sent me a pair of cards from the 2013 Topps Archives set.  I went a little bit crazy last year buying Archives - but after an initial surge trading for that set has all but evaporated which made it even more exciting for me to get two cards closer to completing the darn thing!

First, a Tall Boy card of Robinson Cano (ex-Yankee).

Cano looks a bit mischievous in that card don't you think?  Almost like he knows he's about to be paid a lot of money to go play in a rainy city.

The second card from Archives?   A card from easily my favorite insert set of 2013 - Gallery of Heroes.

I don't even care that it's Pujols, a player I generally can't stand...this is one AWESOME card!  In fact, it might have even gone down as my favorite card in the entire trade package if it weren't for David also including a small pile of Barry Larkin cards including this new one for my collection!

That's a 1990 Topps Stickers card of Barry Larkin.  Actually, to be more precise it's a sticker of Larkin (the card on the back is actually of Ruben Sierra).

Many, many, many thanks for all the great cards David!  And, as always, if anyone else would like to trade - check out my want list and make an offer!


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