Friday, May 16, 2014

PWE Week: Another Custom Card in the Mail!

Plain White Envelope (PWE) Week continues here at Nachos Grande.  Today's entry is the sixth (of seven) envelopes in the zip code contest.  This one comes courtesy of Justin - and it arrived from North Carolina which brings our total Zip Code Contest Score up to 228,458.

Our leader board (which I posted in the previous post) hasn't changed - it's still Al Kawamoto's to lose (better hope that final envelope isn't from a super high zip code place, Al)!  For now though, we return to the contents of this particular envelope from Justin.

Inside, there was a single card - and this was an agreed upon trade of custom cards (made by my buddy Ryan - the same guy who may or may not have produced something that may or may not have resembled a set like Allen & Ginter).

This one is based on relatively early Fleer...not exactly the set that I would want to base a custom set on but I didn't do the hard work!

The card in question is Sparty - and this is the autographed version (as you can see).  The Sparty auto goes along with some of the other autographs in the custom set (my collection has six different autographs if you count my own)!  Of the remaining four (let's not count mine for the moment), this is probably my favorite:

I wonder why Topps doesn't release a mascot autograph line - maybe in either Allen & Ginter (since it's quirky) or in Opening Day (since it's geared towards kids)?

You are welcome for the idea Topps.

Thanks for the quick and easy trade Justin - and now there's only one more envelope remaining in the contest...who will emerge victorious?  Stay tuned to find out!


Corky said...

Topps actually has included mascot autographs in the 2013 and 2014 Opening Day releases. There were only five on each checklist.

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