Monday, May 12, 2014

PWE Week: The Contest is Over so Don't be a Dimwit!

The official entry period for my PWE Week Contest is now over - over the next week we shall see how you did in terms of guessing.  Tonight, I reveal the first (of seven) PWEs that have arrived at the casa de Nachos Grande.

Tonight's envelope is courtesy of Sam over at The Daily Dimwit.  I sent Sam a PWE myself not all that long ago (he wrote about his end of the swap here).  In return, Sam sent me the following goodies:

First up, this pretty cool Joey Votto card from Triple Threads.

I've never opened a pack of Triple Threads (from any year) so whenever I get a card from that baseball card line I'm excited.  In terms of my collection reorganization, I haven't gotten to Votto's rookie year yet - but when I do you can bet that he will be a "binder guy!"

Besides the nice Votto, Sam also hooked me up with some shiny stuff including a Mat Latos Chrome card from 2012.

There were also these two shiny goodies - this time from another high end set that I have never opened for myself:  Topps Tribute.

I love both of those cards - and both will be for sure keepers in my collection!

Thanks for the great PWE - and thanks for starting off the PWE Week with a bang!  Stay tuned for more PWE goodies over the course of the week - and I'll be updating the contest in a day or two!  Finally, if you want to trade be sure to check out my want list and make an offer!


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Those Tribute cards rock!

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