Tuesday, May 27, 2014

To the Baseball Hall of Fame Today! (Plus More Pack Rips)

A mere two days after returning from a vacation I'm heading back on the road again!  This time, it's off to Oneonta, New York for a grant.  However, I'm heading up north a bit earlier in the day in order to visit nearby Cooperstown (about an 20 minute drive for me each way).  Cooperstown, of course, being the home of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

I've been to the Hall of Fame once before - but I was very, very young and I only barely remember it.  In fact, the one clear memory I have is a display case showing an all-green Reds hat that I thought was cool (the Reds wore it for St. Patrick's Day).  Today such things are much less exciting since every team has a bunch of hat and jersey variations (not to mention spring training garb, batting practice garb, etc.).

Anyhow, I'll be gone again for a couple of days - but once I return from this trip things should ideally calm down a bit for me for at least a month or so!  Once that happens I'll be able to return to my card reorganization (I haven't given up on that yet)...

Until then, I might as well continue working my way through the 1999 Pacific Private Stock box.  There are only four packs remaining - here's half of 'em!

Pack 21:
5.  Juan Gonzalez
45.  Jim Thome
80.  Carlos Delgado
112.  Edgar Martinez
132.  Armando Rios
PS-206:  91.  Rusty Greer

Nothing much to see in that pack.  In fact, three of the base cards were duplicates from the box (Gonzalez, Thome, and Martinez).  I was angry about that so no scan from this pack.

Unfortunately, I didn't do any better with the next pack in terms of duplicates (but you get a scan anyhow).

Pack 22:
22.  Moises Alou
50.  Jaret Wright

102.  Brian Jordan
106.  Jeff Kent
118.  Bill Mueller
PS-206:  43.  Rafael Palmeiro

That's it for today.  As I mentioned, by the time you read this post I should be on my way to the Baseball Hall of Fame - hopefully I remembered my camera so that I can take a bunch of photos...who knows, I might even get a more interesting blog post out of it when all is said and done!  Enjoy your Tuesday everyone!


The Lost Collector said...

Enjoy the Hall. Despite growing up 90 minutes or so from the Hall, I've only been there twice, and not since I was 12. Pretty pathetic.

Mark Hoyle said...

Have a great visit to the hall. I have to get back there myself

Joe Frecker said...

Please tell Barry Larkin's plaque Hello from me. Enjoy the trip.

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