Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Barry Larkin Collection 282: 1999 Upper Deck - #71

Barry Larkin
Year:  1999
Brand:  Upper Deck
Card number:  71

The 1999 Upper Deck set was a favorite of mine when I was younger - but unfortunately, I can't say my love for the set still holds true today.  Much like a high school crush, this set offers a lot of gloss and glamour but very little in the way of substance.  The card front's most notably feature is the two silver foil sides that sort of "squish" the photo in the middle.  The player name is difficult to read on the front of the card - and the team name is written in font that is two sizes too small.

On the reverse, you do get full career statistics (a rarity for Upper Deck) which I like - and a second photo which is nice.  Unfortunately, that second photo has a team logo slapped on top of it, plus all the "legal" logos of MLB and the player's union.  I like that the card number is easy to read - but once again the player name is more difficult to make out.

All things considered, my time with 1999 Upper Deck was fun when I was young but you won't see me yearning for the days of yore (at least not with this set).  Others, maybe...


roddster said...

I busted a fair share of UD 1999 back in my day. I'd pick up a pair of packs at the local CVS (back when CVS sold cards). I pretty much agree with you on most of your points. Looks cool, but not much substance to it.

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