Barry Larkin Collection 284: 1999 Topps Gallery - #22

Barry Larkin
Year:  1999
Brand:  Topps Gallery
Card number:  22

I'll state it immediately - this is easily one of my least favorite Larkin photos on any card that I own.  Who wants a card of their favorite player showing that player (apparently) about to make an error on a groundball?  It's a unique shot, but in this case it's not an appreciated shot!

Luckily, the back of the card contains a "standard" shot of Larkin along with his 1998 statistics (broken down by month).  I haven't yet figured out why card companies think that we need to know monthly statistics in lieu of career statistics but it is what it is.  This won't go down as my favorite Larkin card, but I do like the Topps Gallery line so it's still an appreciated addition to my collection!


  1. The feet...It all starts with getting your feet set right and Barry did not do that in this photo. I agree they should have lost this shot and found a better one. Oh Well.


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