Digging into the Box XIV: Doubling Up on Topps Heritage!

Once again, it's time to return to the second (of four) giant boxes of cards from my younger brother.  Last time, I took a look at a brand that I usually don't care for (Bowman).  Today, we flip the script and take a gander at a brand that I usually love (Topps Heritage).

This year, I decided to try my hand at chasing Heritage once again...and unfortunately once again the short prints have been my downfall!  However, thanks to my brother I can at least say that the regular base set wasn't all that hard to nearly complete in a decent amount of time!

How much thanks goes to my brother?  Well, here's a pictorial comparison.

The stack on the left is my Heritage set to date.  The stack on the right?  Cards from my brother that I was missing for my own set!

Thanks to that gigantic stack, I'm down to mostly needing short prints in order to finish off my set!  In addition to the base cards, my brother also threw in four of the 1st Draft cards:

As it turns out, those four cards make up the complete set.  It's weird to have an insert set with only four cards - and to actually only have three different players on the checklist.  Strange - but at least the doubled up player is one of the Reds' all-time greats (and each card has a different image)!  I also like the Nolan Ryan card a lot - not bad four a four card insert set!

In addition to the gigantic stack of cards that I needed, my brother unloaded a bunch of his other Heritage base card duplicates on me which I will hopefully get organized and posted on my for trade page soon (maybe even later today)!

And with that, I'm down to one more stack of cards (though it's a huge stack) in the second of four boxes.  So far, the two boxes have proven to be a lot of fun to go through - a few cards for sets I want, a few cards for my own collections, and some trade bait for all of you!


  1. Those Heritage short prints are a pain. Just like the ones from the Archives sets of the last three years.


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