Pack Wars III: The Last of the Christmas Packs!

As the post title says, this is it for my Christmas 2013 packs!  I've managed to hold off until June before ripping every last box and pack - that's impressive if you ask me.

What were the final unopened packs?  I ended up receiving a pair of rack packs from my dad for Christmas - both from 2012 Topps (Series Two and Update).

Since both packs contain 36 cards, I figured it'd be fun to have a pack war with the two jumbo packs!

Let's begin the pack war with the upper half of each rack pack.  Will I end up with a relic or autograph out of either pack?  Will I get something so fabulous and rare that this 6 month wait will have been worth it?  I have no idea (though I could guess)...  Let's find out for sure!

To keep things simple, the first card listed will be the Series 2 card, the second card listed will be the Update series representative.  Points will be decided by me - and bonus points are possible this time around.

J.D. Martinez vs. Wilson Valdez

The Update pack begins on a good foot by starting off with a Red (even if it is only Valdez).  A Red will beat an Astro easily - plus a bonus point for Cincinnati goodness upfront!  S2 - 0, Update - 2.

Omar Infante vs. Darnell McDonald

The best thing about Darnell is that the Reds managed to trade him away since he did absolutely nothing for my team.  I can't give him any points so that means Infante wins by default.  S2 - 1, Update - 2.

Josh Willingham vs. Kris Medlan

Willingham looks terribly constipated in this picture.  1 point for making me laugh.  S2 - 2, Update - 2.

Collin Cowgill vs. Ernesto Frieri

The Cowgill is a rookie card - I guess that's good enough for a point.  I don't have any opinion on either of these guys.  S2 - 3, Update - 2.

Tim Staugger vs. Darren O'Day

O'Day wins the day since he's featured in midst-submarine-pitch and that's kind of cool.  We are now all tied up at three points each.  S2 - 3, Update - 3.

Cody Ross vs. Chris Johnson

I love the Johnson photo - so much so that I'm awarding two points to the Update pack!  S2 - 3, Update - 5.

Raul Ibanez vs. David Carpenter

Carpenter isn't a Yankee (like Ibanez) - and this isn't the Carpenter that is a Cardinal.  Therefore, David Carpenter gets the point.  S2 - 3, Update - 6.

Jemile Weeks vs. Yasmani Grandal

The Reds traded Grandal as part of the package that brought Mat Latos to the Queen City.  That seemed like a good idea to me then - and it still seems like it was a good idea now.  Grandal gets the point for helping out the Reds in a roundabout way.  S2 - 3, Update - 7.

We now hit the insert portion of each pack.  Points could really fly here if I pull something great!

Robinson Cano vs. Josh Lindblom

The Cano is a "Cut Above" insert seeded 1:2 packs and is die-cut.  I do like die-cut cards when they are done right (though I can't say this particular card is done right - the die-cutting seems pointless to be honest).  The Lindblom is a Golden Moments sparkle parallel that is also seeded 1:2 packs.  I went crazy for the diamond sparkle parallels a few years ago but the gold parallels don't hold my attention.  I guess the die-cut card is slightly more original, even if it is a Yankee.  S2 - 4, Update - 7.

Carl Yastrzemski vs. Asdrubal Cabrera

The Yaz card is a Golden Moments insert (seeded 1:2 packs) while the Cabrera card is a 1987 mini (also seeded 1:2 packs).  I don't particularly care for either card to be honest - but the Yaz is probably the better of the two (especially since Topps has ran the mini card idea into the ground).  S2 - 5, Update - 7.

Dwight Gooden vs. Harmon Killebrew

The Gooden is a Mound Dominance insert (seeded 1:3 packs) while the Killebrew is a Golden Greats insert (seeded 1:4 packs).  The Killebrew gets a point for being the rarer of the two cards (and the rarest card pulled so far) but Gooden gets two points for being both a cool looking card and an under-loved former great.  S2 - 7, Update - 8.

Taylor Green vs. Golden Giveaway Code

The Giveaway code is seeded 1:2 packs but it's a totally worthless card in 2014.  By default, Green wins and ties up the Pack War once again.  S2 - 8, Update - 8.

Jose Constanza vs. Matt Adams

A pair of rookie cards do battle - and both from teams that I don't particularly care for (though I dislike the Braves a lot less now than I used to).  I have to give the nod (unfortunately) to the Cardinal Matt Adams since he is definitely the better of the two players in my mind.  S2 - 8, Update - 9.

Aaron Harang vs. Jason Isringhausen

I always liked Harang when he was a Red.  In fact, I usually simply felt bad for the big guy because he pitched for some truly terrible Cincinnati teams (and Harang usually pitched quite well).  I was happy to see his early season success this year - and I'm happy to award him the point for this match-up.  S2 - 9, Update - 9.

Dallas Braden vs. Chris Sale

Braden definitely had his moment in the sun but Sale is the better player.  S2 - 9, Update - 10.

Brandon League vs. Paul Konerko

Konerko wins without any doubt.  Update begins to pull away once again.  S2 - 9, Update - 11.

David Murphy vs. Joel Hanrahan

Normally I'd away the Pirate the point but I happen to really like the Murphy image.  It's a great picture from an unusual angle.  S2 - 10, Update - 11.

Tony Campana vs. Mark Trumbo

Trumbo gets the last point for the top half of the rack pack because the Campana came out slightly dinged.  Injured cards usually get no points.  S2 - 10, Update - 12.

With the first half of the rack pack complete, Update is holding on to a two point lead.  I'll rip the bottom half of the rack pack and continue the Pack War at a later date - after all, I think this was enough ripping, scanning, and typing for one day!


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