Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Still Trying to Finish Your 2014 Topps Heritage Set?

Are you like me and still trying to complete your 2014 Topps Heritage set?  Yeah, the set with the little '65 style flags on it has proved to be a difficult beast to complete - but you are in luck my friend.

You see, I have a ton of extras available for trade and I've finally managed to get them all listed on my blog - this even includes a couple of short prints that I'd like to swap for short prints that I need!  I'm also happy to trade 10+ base cards for short prints that I need.  No reasonable offer will be refused so check out what I have for trade (and check out what I still need) and then make an offer!


The Chop Keeper said...

I have #431, 432 & 452 if you need them. I'm not looking for any of this year's Heritage, but do you have any Braves available?

Nachos Grande said...

Yes, I have plenty of Braves - what are you looking for in particular? I'd love to acquire the three Heritage cards you mentioned. Feel free to email me at fanofreds (Dot) auctions (at gmail dot com). Thanks!

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