Sunday, June 08, 2014

Waiting 'til Next Year? How About Waiting Half a Year?

In computer science terms, my drawer full of trade packages that I still need to scan, blog about, and post on my blog usually follow a LIFO pattern.  That is, "Last In, First Out."  In other words, the more recent the package, the more likely it is that I'll blog about it since I usually simply reach into the drawer and grab the first package I see whenever I manage to make time to actually write a trade post!

Today, however, I decided to dig to the bottom of the drawer just to see how far behind I am - and wow...I'm really far behind!  This particular package was mailed way back in January of this year...and it comes courtesy of Tom over at Waiting 'til Next Year.  I suppose it's fitting in a way that Tom had to wait almost half a year anyhow for me to post my end of the trade we completed!

Way back in January, I was able to unload a bunch of 1987 Topps cards on Tom (he was trying to complete the set and I was happy to get rid of as many of my extra '87s as possible).  In his return trade package, Tom wrote "I'm not sure what the going rate is for '87 Topps..."  (to which I replied in my head:  "probably half a stick of gum").

Happily for me, Tom didn't send half chewed sugar sticks but rather he sent a smattering of Reds my way.  In fact, it was probably more than a smattering since Tom sent along two team bags full of cards.  The first he labeled "mix bag of 2013" and the second was "mix bag of pre-2013."

I decided to begin the opening process with the 2013 mixed bag figuring that I would have most of what Tom sent my way.  I was wrong though - it appears Tom realized that I don't collect much in the way of Bowman or Panini so he graciously sent me a bunch of Reds from those sets (which I do like to get)!

In fact, the vast majority of cards in the team bag were new to me - but I managed to whittle the stack down to my favorite five cards for you to enjoy today.  In a future post (which I promise will happen before another six months pass by), I'll go through the pre-2013 team bag.

#5:  Tanner Rahier

I have no idea who Rahier is (my #1 beef with most things Bowman) but I can appreciate the look of determination of Rahier's face (plus he's rocking the awesome "Los Rojos" jersey)!  Tom sent me two of this card - one regular Bowman and one Bowman Chrome - I scanned the Chrome because I'm a sucker for shiny!

#4:  Ed Roush

This is one of those Panini Cooperstown Colgan's Chips cards - it's basically the size of a POG (if you are old/young enough to remember those).  Not the most exciting image - but the roundness of the "card" helps here because the chopped off hat (bye bye logo) doesn't look so awkward as it does on many Panini base cards.

#3:  Ken Griffey Jr.

Speaking of Panini base cards with awkward logo removal - how about this Griffey Jr.?  While I always enjoy getting new Griffeys for my collection (and this will go directly into my personal collection), I can't help but think that Griffey is playing baseball in his pajamas given the complete and utter lack of logos, numbers, team name, etc. on Ken's clothing.  It's bizarre - though you do at least get the Nike logo on Griffey's wrist band.

#2:  Homer Bailey

I'm guessing this is some sort of diamond parallel Bowman card - I don't really care what it is other than the fact that it looks pretty cool.  It's actually nicer looking than the Diamond parallels that came in the Topps flagship set a couple of years ago.

#1:  Mat Latos

This card takes top billing because I need to know:  What is the logo thing behind Latos?!  There appears to be the letters "tyra" near his throwing hand...but other than that I can't make much out.  Is it an advertisement?  A secret message?  Inquiring minds want to know!!

Thanks for the great cards Tom - and I apologize for the length of delay in terms of me writing a post!  As for anyone else, if you want to trade (and eventually see your trade featured on my blog), check out my want list and make an offer!


P-town Tom said...

The logo behind Latos is the Virginia state flag rotated 90 degrees clockwise. Besides the cracked ice (like the Bailey), Bowman has a hometown/state parallel, which features the flag from the country or state the player was born in.

I'm glad you could use the cards!

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