Tuesday, July 22, 2014

2014 Topps Allen & Ginter's: Continuing Hobby Box #1 - An Abreu Rookie!

I hope at least some of you are enjoying my slow box break as much as I am.  At this point, I've busted eight packs (or one-third of the box).  I've found one hit so far which means I'm on pace there.  I haven't found any other "rare" cards yet, though I have nabbed three mini inserts already which I'm happy about!

Friendly reminder:  I WANT YOUR 2014 ALLEN & GINTER'S INSERTS (minis and full size).  Thanks!

Now, let's keep the fun going by ripping open packs nine and ten!

Pack 9:
100.  Queen Victoria
132.  Ted Williams
135.  Grant Balfour
266.  Prince Fielder
277.  Trevor Rosenthal
332.  Victor Martinez

Another short print for my set - always a good thing even if it is a rather dull image of Victor.
World's Capitals:  Washington D.C.
Bummer, I already have a copy of Washington D.C. from my retail purchases.  All my extra inserts are available for trade - a pile that now includes this card!
A&G back mini:  250.  Steve Cishek

Getting a duplicate insert was a bummer, but it wasn't a duplicate from the box itself so I can't complain too much.  The A&G back minis are nice enough I guess but I don't have plans to collect them.  Unfortunately, I don't know many (any?) Marlins collectors so chances are fairly high that I'll be stuck with this one no matter what.

Pack 10:
121.  Freddie Freeman
133.  Xander Bogaerts
163.  Paul Molitor
269.  Jose Abreu

This is one of the more coveted base cards this year I believe.
292.  Andre Dawson
339.  Jeff Samardzija
Natural Wonder:  2.  The Shilin Stone Forest

I've never heard of the Shilin Stone Forest but it does sound interesting.  The limestone formations are thought to be about 270 million years old.
A&G back mini:  227.  Jimmy Rollins

Two packs, two A&G back minis.  I also landed two more base short prints so I'm making good progress with my own set.  No hits or other spectacular cards but I think the Abreu rookie is probably enough for one round of posting!


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