Wednesday, July 16, 2014

2014 Topps Allen & Ginter's Jumbo Pack #3: A Case Hit Out of Retail!?!

Today's a good day in that I get to open up a pair of Jumbo packs!  The first was posted this morning - now it's time for the second.  However, once again before I get to the pack I want to say:

I WANT YOUR 2014 ALLEN & GINTER'S INSERTS (minis, regular sized, and box toppers).  CONTACT ME IF YOU HAVE ANY FOR TRADE!  THANKS!

Now, on to the third (of five) jumbo packs that I purchased recently.

Top Half:

2.  Don Mattingly
24.  Jorge Posada
132.  Ted Williams
197.  Wade Miley
209.  Vladimir Guerrero
249.  Aroldis Chapman

314.  Nolan Arenado

Not a bad first half.  The Chappy card is nice and getting another short print is appreciated since I aim to complete the entire base set.  Starting off with two Yankees isn't as annoying during non-Gint-a-Cuffs packs, that's for sure.

Bottom Half:

33.  Alex Avila
94.  Lou Brock
286.  Kris Medlen
Pastime's Pastimes:  John Smoltz
World's Capitals:  Brasilia, Brazil

Brazil is getting a lot of international press lately between the just completed World Cup and the soon(ish) Olympics to be held there.
A&G back mini:  Matt Moore

Urban Fauna:  Procyon Lotor (raccoon)

The Urban Fauna cards are seeded 1:144 jumbo packs making this a case hit of sorts!  I've managed to do really well with the jumbo packs so far - and this card is one of the rarest pulls you can have!  


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