Friday, July 11, 2014

Barry Larkin Collection 292: 1993 Upper Deck Fun Pack - #170

Barry Larkin
Year:  1993
Brand:  Upper Deck Fun Pack
Card number:  170

The 1993 Upper Deck Fun Pack set features two different Barry Larkin cards (separated by a mere two cards in the checklist).  This is the "regular" base card - the other card is a glow-in-the-dark subset card which will also be featured in my Barry Larkin Collection in the near future.

As for this particular Fun Pack card...the less said about the design on the front of the card the better.  The front screams "Saved by the Bell" to me...  The bright blues, purples, and greens don't go well with the Cincinnati Reds' uniforms...and the weird shapes and funky textures never went well with anything.  Ever.

On the other hand, the back of the card is quite nice.  You get a trivia question (complete with Reds-centric cartoon) plus a year's worth of statistics (and Barry's career numbers).  You also get the answer to the trivia question plus a short blurb about Larkin.  All told, the back is quite solid!  The only addition I would make is to put the Reds' team logo on the card somewhere - and maybe make the card number in a white bubble so that it is easier to read.

The Fun Pack set completely eluded me as a kid...but I have a feeling that if I had seen the set, I would probably have bought my share of it (especially if I knew there were two different Barry Larkin cards to be found).  Looking back though, I'm glad I didn't know about the set (and therefore never bought any) because the set has not aged well at all!


Joe Frecker said...

I love this card, even the front, I mean its a Fun Pack, right? Want to trade it? Maybe combo up with the Glow version?
As far as the stat trivia, I found 7 Reds since 1900 (to 1993) that had 4 or more consecutive seasons with a .300 batting average. Hmmmm

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