Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Delivery Time! Tribe Cards Giveaway: Round 3!

I'm still working my way through the big 'ol box of cards from last year's Tribe Cards Giveaway.  For the first post, I wrote about some of the players for whom I received exactly one card.  The second post in the series showcased players for which I ended up with 2-3 cards (not always unique though).  Today, it's time to look at some of the players that showed up in even greater numbers!

First up, the reason I love to join player-based breaks:  Barry Larkin

Unfortunately, I didn't end up getting any new Larkin cards for my collection but I did get a second 1988 Donruss Baseball's Best card - this was a set that had eluded me for quite some time for some inexplicable reason!

Although the majority of the players that I claimed were Reds (at least at some point in their careers), I did pick up a few non-Reds as well.  Mostly players that I like for one reason or another.  Case in point:  Jay Buhner.  Buhner often has some of the funniest (weirdest?) cards out there so I was happy to be able to add him to my player roster.  In the end, I walked away with three Buhner cards (one of which was his rookie cup Topps card which is nice).

None of the Buhner cards ended up being super weird however.

Another non-Reds player that showed up in rather high frequency was Carl Crawford.  Crawford's cards range from 3 Rays, 2 Red Sox, and 1 Dodgers making him the most traded player in the box!

I specifically like the 2009 All-Star card and the 2012 Topps base card where he's flattening a Royals' catcher.

Shifting our attention back to the Reds, I managed to grab the Reds' second baseman Brandon Phillips in the break as well.  Phillips was quite well represented (five cards but two of them were inserts).

I'm a sucker for the Topps Attax set - so much so that that it my favorite Phillips' card of the bunch!

Finally, one more for today's post - Aroldis Chapman.

Chapman ended up being a great choice because he clocked in with TEN cards in total.  I only scanned nine though because the 2012 base card showed up in triplicate.

Once again, many thanks for hosting the Tribe Cards Giveaway both last year and again this year.  I believe I have one more post for this box and then I'll be anxiously awaiting for the current year's crop of cards to show up!


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I love reading these! Glad you are enjoying your cards!

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